Ugly Quilts

One of our church's Ugly Quilts on the altar ready for blessing.
One of our church’s Ugly Quilts on the altar ready for blessing.

O Lord, we give you thanks and praise for the generosity, dedication and creativity of the quilters who have come together to create these quilts.

We thank you for the willingness to help, the passion for justice, and the spirit of collaboration these quilts represent.

We rejoice that so many in our congregation brought neckties and gave of their time to complete this project.

God of Justice, we acknowledge our sorrow that these quilts are needed in this world.

We lift to you our shared frustration and sadness that too many in our world, too many in our own community, are without a reliable and comfortable place to live.

We pray for all those who are in need of shelter, all those who are in need of adequate food, clothing, and resources.

We pray for them and for us— that we might find the compassion in our hearts to be part of a solution to end homelessness and poverty among your beloved children.

God of Compassion, bless these ugly quilts, the beautiful hearts that worked to make them, and those children of yours who will receive them.

We pray these quilts are a small comfort in the midst of life’s storms, a reminder that there are those who care and those who are willing to fight for change.

We pray all these things in Christ’s most precious name.  Amen.

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