Fresh Year, Fresh Ideas

Christmas Break for our family meant everybody was off their “focus meds.” (We *all* have some level of ADHD).  I discovered that also means being around children who talk and move endlessly, and while it does grate on my nerves at times, it also unleashes my own creativity and energy!  And that’s always a good thing!

For me, creativity means looking at my life and my calling and reflecting about how I can enter my THIRD YEAR (can you believe it’s been that long!) at my current call with renewed spirit and energy.  I began my journey at Pilgrim UCC on Epiphany 2015, and it has been a wonderful journey indeed.

Many ideas and thoughts have come through my mind, and I realize that I have to “get them down” before they fade in my aging brain!  So it’s time to write again.  It’s time to “blog” again.  It’s time for some Grits* and God-talk.  I’ll see you all on the journey!

*the grits are in the mail!

2 thoughts on “Fresh Year, Fresh Ideas

  1. Mine is about focusing and taking the time to journal and work on my goals. I’m like you a crazed 5 year who moves and talks endlessly.


    1. You know, they do inspire me, but they also drive me crazy! My head is so full of ideas, I have to “get them down” and “get things started” before it all fades in my brain. Figured it was time to renew the blogging. Cheers!


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